Hmmmm…..Anger Management


That emotional response which stems from provocation,abuse,vociferous shouts,breach of trust, and boundary.

We all have things that makes our blood boil….

Certain situations warrant anger, some may be entirely ditzy.

Although some persons have Bsc’s and PhD’s in antagonising others and getting them to react in vicious manners.

But still when anger is involved,when anger culminates, then How Far Is Too Far?????

The Legendary Martin Luther King quipped ” The purpose of education is to teach one to think  critically and intensively”.

But in moments of anger,  the last thing we remember is critically pondering over our reactions and actions, because at that point all we want to do is to serve our antagonist,or oppressor some real Cold Revenge . lol

Lets point out sitches which depicts anger when it comes to play…

Bearing in mind that we all react to anger differently….

Those times we’re filled with so much rage and the hairs on our bodies rise like wild fire!!!

Or the times the effect of anger leaves our thoughts in total disarray and we can hardly circle our heads to think right. Hence, our words dont come out right.

Makes me wonder if there ever is a best form to display anger?

Like a form of anger that does not turn violent, where there’s no use of condescending, malicious utterances.

Leaves me to ask…

^Can we really control our emotions?

^Can we see beyond vicious statements?

^Can we look past acts of gull and perfidy and just not retaliate???

Especially at times when we have been so provoked,that we feel like we’ve reached our elastic limit, and we are in a quagmire of being stuck with the grim consequences of our actions?

Honestly, I can hardly answer these questions.

But on a lighter note, and in retrospect to anger, I certainly hope that we can always try to see things through rose coloured lenses and just let things go…..but I’ll be doggoned!!!lol

Your insights are welcome on this issue…

Develop self control and ultimately master your emotions.


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