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VIOLENCE…Fast Becoming An Epidemic.

VIOLENCE…and its many ills

Violence is an expression of aggression, depression,inferiority complex,negative mindset….

Violence is a behaviour involving physical force with the sole intent to hurt, inflict pain and danger to person or persons. 

Violence simple put is extreme aggression against someone or persons.

The World Health assembly in a report published in 1996 reports that violence is a leading world wide public health problem.

Violence is heterogeneous as it cuts across gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, family, country, etc.

Violence culminates when there is an intentional use of power,physical force against oneself,other people,which results in injury,death,loss of consciousness, psychological trauma, etc

I seldom ponder what breeds violence,they say that hates breeds more hate right;

So what breeds violence?or what does violence breed?

Does violence breed more hate,more violence,or even resentment?

Its quite astonishing that people now justify violence,they cite various reasons for being violent. 

But violence in its entirety is a personal perception,it is deep-seated,it is entrenched in the mind.

When a violent act is perceived,there is no thought process about the after effects on the victim,rather in the mind of the tyrant,the narcissist,it is as if the more the damage,the more that violent thirst is fed, quenched,and the violator feels more powerful,fulfilled, accomplished maybe.

So what triggers Violence in people? It could be as a result of mental illness, poverty, drugs, war, psychosis, etc.

Violence is prevalent at homes, schools, workplaces, relationships, etc it is a mental disorder.

We will talk more on IPV.

Intimate Partner Violence  (IPV) occurs between couples and  is mostly directed at women who are seen as the weaker sex in a relationship although in recent times there have been similar violence directed at men which has led to death in some cases. There has been increased spate of domestic violence which has been condemned in all fronts however this ugly monster keeps rearing it’s head in families, relationship and is taking a worrying dimension. It comes with an overlap of physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse on its victim who in most cases is weak and helpless.

Dominant risk factors inherent in IPV are insecurity, poverty, power imbalance, poor interpersonal skills, fear, etc 

How do we stem this tide on IPV? A study conducted by the WHO between 1982-1989 tried to suggest that there are interventions that can be sought on 2 folds:

I. Level of involvement of the Govt, health care professionals, law enforcement agencies, educators, etc.

II. Extent of  Awareness, education, social support and protective services available to victims of abuse. 

Having a structured legal system where perpetrators of IPV are held accountable for their heinous act will serve as a deterrent to others.

Enlightening people on their rights and responsibilities in the home fronts will save a lot of individuals from being trampled on and taken advantage of in the name of being married or having a relationship.

Religious leaders of the various faith should also lead by example and condemn violent acts once brought to their knowledge.

Having a strong support system where victims can get the desired help to enable them recover from  the torture and harrowing experience will also help alleviate the emotional trauma victims go through.

Raising our kids in an environment of love, compassion, teaching them to have mutual respect for themselves and fellow humans will enable us raise future generations where IPV and other forms of violence  will be minimised to a large extent if not wiped out.

We must understand that just like we relish moments of success,tyrants relish violence thus the crave for this madness to overpower and consume their victims.

It is pertinent to stay clear from Violence  completely,shun every form of impudence, arrogance, and curtail the sick feeling that you are better off than  the other person in any relationship, undergoing therapy to manage the disorder where one is deep rooted into it already.

Yes theres no doubt that violence is inherent in all of us, but the right kind of cordial environment, positive mindset, right attitude, education  goes a long way to suppress the perception of violence and the act itself does not come to light at all.

Violence is fast becoming an epidemic in our world today. We must nip it in the bud and silence it fast! It is a responsibility for each and everyone of us so we cannot fail.

In the words of Isaac Asimov, Violence is the last refuge of the Incompetent.

Let’s not forget violence in our work place…typical,that particular violence that speaks “SEX” very sad indeed,some call it the “BODY LANGUAGE VIOLENCE” that violence where you are told”TO GIVE WHAT YOU HAVE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT” the violence of “NO SEX, NO WORK”.



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