So i take it back what I said the other day…I am sorry.


Hmmmm, sounds and seem like just a triste or banal expression,but how well is it utilised?

 sorry to bug you…but I love you..sounds so sweet…smiles.

Sorry is an expression that has been underutilised in my opinion. So I ask, when should Sorry be used and in what form is its utilisation?

I know you must think they seem easy but they’re not.

Have we ever stopped to think why Sorry is amongst the magical words? Well there’s countless reasons why that is, but its taken for granted.

Alot of us feel its only  when we’re wrong that we say sorry to who we wrong. 

But Sorry is and must be used in several scenarios to salvage and bring calm to situations of anger, illness, times of sadness,depression and resentments.

   Let this sound,Resentments is like drinking poison hoping it will kill your enemies,so the question is..do you try to dominate the one who say sorry to you for their mistakes?you will be amazed that the reason for their sorry to you,is because they understand you better,and they know you are more important than their ego.

Sorry is  a word that when uttered straight from the heart soothes a grieving and sick person.

Sorry has care and consideration embedded in it,and these days,we turn blind eyes to saying sorry and treat it’s use lightly,which is why people fight endlessly and harbour feelings of rancour in their hearts against one another for too long, it’s beyond comprehension that we use malicious words towards each other and exacerbate matters when a magical word as Sorry exists and will preclude alot of harshness. 

When we shunt long lines for some reason, probably in a bid to hurry, we should say sorry to those on the lines too.

When we overtake on roads whilst driving,we shouldn’t act with gall,rather we should acknowledge and say sorry as it’ll put every road user at ease.

When we’re in malls or places where large numbers of people gather,we knowingly or unknowingly mistreat or step on someone,it is  paramount to say Sorry so we can maintain a cohesive environ.

Sorry as a word,and when used,heralds new beginnings like a breath of fresh air,it engenders hope in ways we can’t fathom.

Why not take moments to ponder,think critically in times of anger and say sorry when the need arise.

  But,remember not every “SORRY” deserves an “IT’S OKAY” in return.

 It’s the start of a new week, let sorry be a part of our daily routine,you’ll be surprised the great atmosphere we can accomplish…truly,madly,deeply,I am foolishly completely falling in love with the word SORRY…smiles.

Dont forget apologising can be hard,because it takes humility and vulnerability… Drop your ego,just say SORRY.


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