How far can you go when it comes to secrets?

Secrets,,,,sounds a little scandalous,but let’s dive into the very serious aspect of secrets. 

You know, there’s absolutely no doubt that we all have secrets,some we’re proud of and others,hmmm not quite . lol

Secrets within ourselves,our families, friends,high profile individuals, secrets of the world even(you know those secrets that don’t necessarily concern you,but you just make it your business to know it and possibly spread it)…

Leaves me to wonder how far can we go when it comes to secrets?

How easy is it for us to expose the most excruciating details of someone’s past(secret) once we have a feud,or rancour with them?

Really,how far is too far?

Think about it,revealing someone’s secret doesnt exactly solve anything,rather,it exacerbates the situation. 

I know it’s an herculean task,but is it really possible to just stay silent when we’ve been hurt by a person or persons and all we have in mind is to get back at them for what they’ve done to us?

Can we really be the bigger person and just let go?as in not revenge???

Can we let peace prevail over hate or anger??

The rippling effect of exposing secrets is so damaging,completely annihilates ones well being and reputation.

But our selfish concerns is always emblematic of everything. 

Our selfish nature leaves us to be so insentient and we just do not care the consequences of our actions when we destroy someone’s life by revealing their secrets in the most gruesome manner.

Honestly, if we want to do the right thing,the best way to be revengeful is to not retaliate through revealing secrets,although they say revenge is sweet,but letting go is way sweeter as whatever good you do, will come to you.

Remember that there’s no reward for good other than good.

“I’ll quip that we enjoy whatever good we do,and suffer whatever ill we bring upon ourselves. 

On a lighter note,always take a deep breath when you’re provoked,just throw in the towel,walk away and in the end,you’ll have the best revenge with never ending smiles.

   How about having to keep a secret from a close pal?hmmmm….. Its killing you deeply,its important it comes out,but that FEAR that he or she might be put off.

….To the one our hearts most desire…..

I wish I can tell you I love you.But I’m scared our friendship will just be ruined if you don’t feel the same…smiles.

How’s that for a secret?


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