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LOVE..DOES IT EXISTS?IS THERE A STANDARD TO LOVE?…some say love is a general word.                      

The concepts of true love is what we  search for all our lives.what people really want more than anything else is to be loved unconditionally,to be accepted for who we are,and still be loved.

    Today’s world is a materialistic world.expensive gifts and money,trips to the city of love(Paris) is what people see as true these days and times does anyone believe true love still exists?

   True love is not about feelings or sensations,true love is about commitment and sticking together through good and not so good times.The human concept of love is a manifestation of denial.True love is mostly symbiotic-something is gained by both parties physically,psychologically…..

     Its something we can’t explain,an addiction,a high that we become addicted to, a neorochemical event,no different from taking antidepressants. Don’t get me WRONG,I believe in LOVE,but I think we have been exposed to too many western ideology of how love should be or what love is,and we are stretching it too far.

   Love and make a trip to Paris with a partner and have a dinner in a riverboat with some candles on the table is romantic and may feel nice to the woman. So the next question is:is that ROMANCE or something DIFFERENT? if it is romance, is that Right?To look for someone who is romantic?or looking for someone with qualities such as religion,temper,way of thinking,beauty etc before getting married.What if he he or she posses all the qualities above and yet both parties do not have feelings for each other.?(COMPATIBILITY).

   Love is a general word,which means many things to many people,and please be clear that there is no standard for LOVE.Some people may say that LOVE is TRUST,LOYALTY AND KINDNESS where others say LOVE is passion,excitement and pleasure.

   LOVE they say is very deep,as we might also want to look at true love and haram(FORBIDDEN) relationships….many people look at the likes of ROMEO AND JULIET leaving the  purest love story of the prophet MUHAMMAD(S.A.W) AND AISHA R.A where he died with his head resting on her chest…Yes…indeed true LOVE does exist.


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