Light At The End Of The Tunnel….

Growth Mindset….Broken Pieces.

PIECING IT TOGETHER(light at the end of the tunnel)

The depressing feel of loss,and the exhilarating feel of gains.

When the going gets tough,do you walk away or do you keep going???

The way we perceive life based on our struggles,determines how well we are able to piece together broken pieces. 

Especially when we find ourselves in environments that does not create avenues for us to improve,there isn’t that much opportunity. 

This leaves me with questions:

How do we go? And

In what ways do we go?..

What I do know is that in a bid to find our various ways,it is paramount that we put other people into consideration. 

Be a part of the lives of children,and other people who are found wanting in every aspect of life,help to nurture,give them a chance to life.

Alot of people are of the perception that you can’t really give or help others unless you are fully established,and it is true..

But being a part of someone else’s gowth in life,brings one back from an oblivious state,where life’s lessons glean from experiences.

Although being humans,our selfish concerns tend to be emblematic of almost everything. 

And in the quest to find ourselves,we subconsciously become ambiverts,which recoils us back to solitude.

But in my journey,my thoughts have experienced an inexorable shift,I have come to realise that you dont need to have so much affluence inorder to create massive,positive impacts. 

Well you must wonder how this is possible…

Its quite tricky but its very possible.

It is an amalgam of three(3) factors:


-Affordability, and

-Growth mindset

The combination of these, allows you the opportunity to give from whatever you have.

Trust me we all have great attributes that will benefit others, and you’ll be surprised how far the little you give out impacts and revives lots. 

In the process of immersing ourselves to make other lives better,we in turn find ourselves.

Hence, we piece the dots together.

In science, its called fragmentation, but in this context, I think of it  more as the process of being a part of the broken bits of others lives,inorder to form an entirely awesome individual lol.


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