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Life’s Lessons from the centre court

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Practical  Life’s lessons from the Centre court.
They were  born into a humble family along with their older siblings; raised by parents who had a dream and vision to ensure their kids rise to the top regardless of their background, financial status, race or colour. 

With meagre resources at the disposal of the parents, plans were made and steps taken to birth the dream. The duo gradually worked their way into the court following very different routes from their peers. The Journey was tough and rough but steadily progress was made and they came to limelight winning games gradually  and titles  consistently. Unfathomably, they won  slams back to back,broke record upon record, and then people started casting glances at them asking questions like who are they? They are not meant for this elite sport! 

Their mental alertness, toughness and resilience led the duo to obtaining more prized slams, mouth watering sponsorship deals, fame, etc. 

Despite the looming success, the duo harboured their own dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and yes both individual personal  businesses asides the court activities  flourished with focus and discipline.

Together they have proved that with a positive attitude,growth mindset, strong will, hardwork, patience and perseverance any individual can attain the pinnacle of success in whatever chosen field of profession ventured into. Let me stop here, will discuss another chapter in subsequent write ups.

Key lessons to note:

Parents have a responsibility to galvanize their children’s future.

Parents must  take proactive steps,be incisive so those dreams can be realised.

Hardwork has no substitute and it’s a potent ingredient for success.

Irrespective of your background, religion, race or social strata, you can be successful if you take the right steps to stay consistent.

Always maintain your focus and shun distractions,don’t bother about the detours,they’re just a phase to get you to your desired goal.

As you climb the ladder of success, never forget your roots and your past.

As you increase in affluence,ensure you create wealth by investing your funds wisely.#be frugal but not parsimonious,be magnanimous but don’t be a profligate.

Keep trusted family members close and don’t get carried away by fair weather friends.

Make it a habit to learn from failures and not to be consumed by them. 

Stay humble,be differential, and always stay close to your creator.

Lessons from the background of Venus and Serena Williams,who are African Americans, making and breaking tennis records year in year out in a solely white dominated sport.

Nana Aisha Uthman

Aisha is an economist,a model,an on air personality,a public servant and a fashion stylist...and very much into humanitarian works..


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