Dont underestimate me.I know more than I say,think more than I speak,notice more than you realize.

#where does it emanate from and what does it engender?#

When I think about lies,I am puzzled or marveled, shall I say at how great some people are at lying.

There’s no doubt that we all have in our lives lied about something, either as kids or even as adults. 

Some lies may be major, ginormous lies, whilst some may be white lies(you know those lies that are told out of necessity and can be in some way tolerable).

But then again,why must we lie?

When some people lie,it is just epic, timeless even.lol

Some people take lying to a whole new level,they lie for no reason whatsoever,i.e they go as far as lying about their families,great grand uncles or aunties,even deceased people lol,the stories or lies they tell are so unfathomable but at the same time,they are very compelling. 

These kind of lies I personally call “PLAUSIBLE BUT TOTALLY FALSE”

Again,how far is too far?

Is it absolutely necessary to lie?even if there might be reasons for it. 

Whatever happened to the statement and I quip” THE RIGHT THING IS THE RIGHT THING” and whatever happened to MORALS? hence, don’t see lying as the ultimate way out of an anomaly.

Cos when we critically look at things,the times we’ve had to lie to get ourselves out of precarious positions,momentarily,the lie may come in handy,but at the end,the same problem we had found our way out of still stares back right at us.

The lies comes back to hunt and hurt us,our hearts,our entire being,it even affects those around us,in some cases,the lies turn out to be life threatening if we dont take caution.

The ripple effect of lies is said to be nefarious and it brings me to ask yet again:

Is lying at certain moments really worth it?

Is it absolutely necessary to even make up a lie to salvage a situation?

I don’t know what’s worse:people who lie,or people who think I am stupid enough to believe their lies.Some liars are so expert they deceive themselves.

Well,,people do say they have cogent reasons for lying,they say they do the needful to get the job done and save their necks,protect their dignity and honour. But at the end of it all, we know what we do, and we are fully responsible for our every action.

Tell a lie once and all your truth become questionable…but remember when the tongue lies,the eyes tell the truth.

#Always listen to your heart.It may be on your left,but it is always right#

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