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Trashion a la mode is an annual event held in celebration of World Environment Day and it’s in its 3rd year this year. This event brings together environmentalist, fashion enthusiast, fashion/ graphic designers, artist and upcyclers and challenges them to change the fashion landscape of Nigeria by creating outfits that raise awareness about the problem of litter and solid waste in our country, creating sustainable clothing and accessories that promote recycling and shows empowerment
opportunities that can be found in waste materials.
It is no news that Nigeria has a big litter problem. Tashion a la mode uses fashion as a vehicle to drive home this message.
It is also no news that cotton industry is the second largest polluter of the environment, second to oil, our search for more sustainable alternative has led us to the beautiful Islands of the Philippines. This year Trashion a la mode will feature outfits from the Philippines made from Banana fibre, pineapple fibre and so much more.
The proceeds raised from our ticket sales this year will go into:
 1) PROVIDING THREE (3) LOOMS FOR THE VILLAGE WEAVERS .The Village Weavers Project promotes sustainable livelihoods for women in rural and urban Nigerian communities by teaching them how to upcycle discarded fabric from local tailor’s shops into beautiful rugs.
2)PROVIDING A SPECIAL NEEDS TEACHER FOR DISABLED CHILDREN FROM JESUS ABANDONED CHARITY HOME IN PIYE KUJE, the home houses 17 children with various disabilities,  fund raised  will go to providing a special need teacher who will train the care givers and work with the kids for a period of 6 months to help them achieve some level of independence.
Motorist are one of the biggest litterers of the environment it is not uncommon to see pure water sachet bags and empty bottles being tossed out of moving vehicles in Abuja. Part of the funds raised will go into the providing three (3) recycled cages at the motor park; the drivers will also be sensitised against littering the roads.
Two (2) recycle cages will also be donated to two schools in the FCT one government and one private school to encourage kids to make recycling a habit.
We would also be launching bottles for books where children from disadvantaged homes and well wishers can return bottles/cans for books or for payment of school fees.
Post Trashion, in partnership with One Environment and other partners,we hope to have a one week skills transfer training for 10 randomly selected people on upcycling waste to beautiful and functional pieces that could generate streams of income.
When you purchase our tickets, you are not only guaranteed of a worthwhile, information and entertainment packed event but you are also helping to support this causes.

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