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How Much Would You Break Your Best Friend Arms For?

LAUGHS…..,Honestly I really don’t know how to begin,I couldn’t stop laughing at the responses I got from people.

  When I asked a friend for how much his friend’s broken arm worth?.He gazed at me so much  that I almost felt he broke my arms(laughs),as all his attention was focused at my arms  upon my asking the question(lol).

One response in particular as regards this question was astonishing

 1- How much would you break your best         friend arm for?


(Pidgin),Hmmmmm,see question o,how you go dey ask me that kind question,how much I go break my best friend arm for?..hian,na wa o,where the friend na?which arm?kai u funny o,abi u want make I break your arm make you take taste first?,abeg no worry me jooor…no be only arm I go break,I go break e mouth,break e eye,break e tongue,even break e finger join… became a reality show as he demonstrated and that drew so much attention.


it got me thinking deep,if such violent  thoughts,actually run through people’s mind.Some said Yes they would,some said No,and some said they will agree to it only if his friend is cool wit it.

Dear readers I would  like to know your thoughts on this……..

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