Food For Thought(Mercy)

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines..But it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.


How big a word is mercy,an humongous virtue it is to possess in our hearts.

Mercy towards self,

Mercy towards  people from all facets of life,of which tribe,belief and social strata are put aside,

Mercy at all times regardless of precarious and depressing life situations.

How often do we bestow mercy to the wayfarers,the needy?

Do we only show mercy when we’re asked or we show mercy when we know it’s needed?

Some people,families in our communities are in dire need of little acts of kindness from us,but are reticent to muster the courage to speak up about it, may be for fear of being turned down in the most condescending manners,or they’re bothered that whoever they seek help from might also be in need as well.

But whatever the case,should we keep our worries bottled up inside and let them leave us downcast? as opposed to talking to someone about them in hope that we’ll be shown mercy,  where our plights are reckoned with and we get to smile,which eases our worries. 

In a world filled with so much adversities,hunger and shelter  have steadily become a growing concern for lots,some folks count themselves lucky to feed once a day,whilst some lose their lives due to lack of food.

Its comprehensible when rendering help to people,becomes a burden,especially in cases where the persons constantly taunt about their needy situation everytime they see you.

But turning a blind eye to helping just isnt the way to go.

Its tough to see life through rose coloured lenses,if we want to lend helping hands,but its important to do it anyway.

I cant help but go back to these wise words,and I quip “the rent we pay to live on earth is to serve each other” (Martin Luther king Jnr).

Its repulsive when able bodied individuals stand infront of us and act like they’re handicapped and cant do anything to help themselves, hence they result to begging, it’s repugnant even.

But what about those Lame people we see on pedestrian bridges everyday,its astonishing how through their insurmountable challenges of moving,still finds ways to get through the stairs and keep the bridges clean.

Dont they deserve our mercy?afterall we have God’s mercies abound,we dont lack what they’re found wanting of.

Food for thought

– when was the last time we visited general hospitals to interract with patients,donate blood,buy drugs for those who cannot afford it?

– how often do we say good morning to those who clean the streets,the nurses in wards,

– how often do we say thank you and smile when service is rendered to us?

If you think about it, you can be of help at all times, its refreshing,fulfilling,its an inexplicable feeling.

You cannot heal what you do not acknowledge…the day you don’t speak up for the things that matter to you is the day your freedom ends…as freedom itself is mercy.



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