Fear lives in our mind.so,how do we get it out of our heads?



What scares us most about ourselves?

What scares us most about life,our families,friends,co workers,our challenges or our aspirations?. 

Like it or not,we all are subjected to some kind of emotion……..

Emotions of anguish,anger,excitement,despair and even fear.


We fear or worry that we might not achieve our dreams,

When we loose our job,we worry we might not get another in time or get at all,

When we loose our property,we worry that we might not be able to take care of our needs or the needs of those dependent on us.

What about the loss of a loved one,oh how that completely throws us off course, and its very hard to pull out of. Hence,we just seem lost.

Its like we totally disconnect from ourselves, our entire being,and those we associate with.

It might even be loosing contact with someone and you just fear you’ll never see them again.

Some fears may stem from the regular detours we face in life. You see,,,,fear comes in different forms.

It can even be fear of not meeting a deadline or the most dreaded is Fear Of The Unknown.

The fear of life itself or even the fear of death and what comes after it.

Whatever the case maybe,fear in its entirety,is a part of life,it can be perceived as being entrenched into life or its what makes up life.

So its okay to have fears,but what isn’t okay is when we  allow  our fears take the best of us,we should never let our fears consume us.

Fear is an integral aspect of life,in some cases,fears are seen as demons(lol),and that is a whole new level, but fear is not all of life. We can overcome our fears,and allow ourselves experience other facets of life.

But I’ll be doggoned as there are folks who claim to be Fearless…

To be honest,I’m not sure that resonates with me,but I do understand that we perceive things differently.

Then again,I’ll just allow myself  bask in the cacophony of cackles whilst I do my best to face my own fears….

Be humble in your confidence,yet courageously in your character…push fear aside and take that first step,as fears are nothing more than a state of mind.

Remember being brave isn’t the absence of fear.Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.



It is our light,not our darkness that frightens us.We ask ourselves,who am I to be brilliant,gorgeous,talented,fabulous?

  Actually,who are you not to be?


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