Depression is not just a mental disorder, but a Major Depressive Disorder(MDD).

It causes severe symptoms which affect how you feel,think,and handle daily activities such as sleeping,eating or working.

Depression is so dangerous that it breeds unending sadness,the depressed person is overwhelmed with lethargy and torpor. 

It is a temporary illness,a temporary reaction to life which stems from a sad event or a series of unfortunate events and stressful conditions which includes the loss of a loved one,job loss, Bereavement, financial difficulties, divorce, etc.

Depression is like a plague,hence it has various terms. Although it is treatable once detected and once prompt action is taken by the affected person or persons,plus supplemented help from those closest to the person.

Recent research by WHO reveals Nigeria is ranked 30th out of 183 countries with most cases of suicide and sadly ranked 10th in the whole of Africa. This surely is a cause for concern as it is fast becoming an epidemic.

Like a volcano erupts with tremendous force,so does depression erupts darkness from within,and this darkness exudes and emanates on the outside as a forlorn,perplexed person whose life in its entirety has been affected in the most negative way possible.

what’s most fascinating about depression is that it stems from frivolous actions such as taunts from colleagues either at school,work place,incessant carping or bickers from people,intimidation…….

so when a person is not able to look past bickers and carps as mere words,then depression gradually sets in.

But what is more scary is when depression is allowed to break out like the sun after dawn,that person becomes a confirmed pessimistic and inevitably disaster always seem to be impending. Big sigh!

But as vile and vicious as depression sounds,it can be precluded; even when depression is inexorable, it is very much treatable if the right actions are put in place.

They say that the first step to finding panacea to a problem is to accept that there is a problem.#do not wallow in denial or self pity for denial is nefarious#

the moment you sense depression in yourself,Own it and Arrest it.

Just last year the Society of Family Practitioners of Nigeria confirmed via a study that over 7 million Nigerians are living with Depression which is a trigger for Suicide and Suicidal attempts. Between 2015 and 2016 over 29 million people in Africa were suffering from depression.

This is a cause for concern because when depression erupts,it messes you up internally and explodes externally, hence completely ruins the affected person and exacerbates the situation by affecting those around the person.

Be audacious, be ready, for depression comes with a bang and it is difficult to come out from it. Again, be Audacious,be ready,it is a battle and there can only be one winner in any battle.

I still remember vividly the sad case of a promising Nigerian doctor who ended his life on 3rd mainland bridge, sadly this ugly incidents have not ended since then.

It’s is key to remain positive and hopefully irrespective of life’s bitter challenges being faced. Also opening up and confiding in family, friends, colleagues etc surely helps relieves the worries, it is said that a problem shared is half solved.

It is also important to stress here that we all should be kind to everyone and anyone as whoever you come across is definitely fighting one life’s battle or the other.

Let’s be our brothers keeper.

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