You’re probably wondering where this is headed right?

What comes to mind when you think about deal breakers?

Deal breakers cut across so many aspects of life,and as human beings,we have preferences,hence,our deal breakers vary from food,music,relationships. ….

Lets dive into food,different food mixtures, are there deal breakers when it comes to food?

Some people like one piece meals:

Rice with stew,beans, plantain, yam…

Whilst some people do mixtures like rice with beans on the side,beans and yam,beans and plantain….

Then you have very strange,inexplicable mixtures such as

 ^rice and okro soup,

^rice and ogbono soup,

^bean cake(moi moi) and bread at the same time(I wonder how this works),

^rice with bean cake and beans all together(it is unfathomable how this works).

Some take porridge beans garnished with Ijebu garri and eat with Agege bread,hmmm. Swallows Nko? They aren’t left out, Eba with vegetable soup ‘efo’ along with ogbono. One of my favourite is amala and ewedu garnished with gbegiri.lol.

Alot of weird food combo in our local parlance and you’ll be surprised at how creative people get when doing food mixtures.lol

In our very inquisitive nature,we tend to go wild with food mixtures, even with drinks as well,but remember to go about your mixtures in moderation, and put healthy eating  into perspective. 

Make sure to combine foods that will be of benefit to your entire system(balanced diet),because bad food mixtures can lead to health complications like constipation, even bloating can be very precarious too and let’s not forget obesity.

As we take in the food combo let’s be conscious of the amount of carbs, protein content, vitamins and vegis as these are critical to a healthy functional body and mind.

But I’d really like to get your take on ultimate food mixtures as well as your ultimate deal breakers in food mixtures.

Keep in mind that eating healthy is way more paramount than famishing to shed a few pounds. 

In the words of Hippocrates, let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. 



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