I bet we all have some level of hidden craftiness in us,we may not make it conspicuous, but we certainly are cunning. ..

You probably dont believe that at some point in your life,you found your way through  certain precarious situations,

then ponder over these definition and scenarios….

If at some point,you sought to attain results by guileful or devious means,,,

Please boss/maam,whats that called?lol.

Let me break it down to simpler terms.

You see those times you’ve been so clever as to plan things just so you can get what you want. 


Remember the times you inflated your allowance to your folks just so you could buy extra stuff,what do you call that?

Or the times you pretended to be ill so you don’t have to go to school or run certain errands,am sure you’re clearing your throats now.

And the times you stayed late in school to hang with your friends a little longer,then you’d tell your folks its extra lessons,this definitely has to resonate with alot of us right?

There’s more and I can go on but its best I remind you of traits within shrewd,crafty,cunning persons.

Even in movies,remember the cunning witch or in animations,the cunning fox that sets traps for the innocent to fall into. Lol.

The dots must have connected by now,so please share your most cunning,crafty moments here, 

A little comic relief always helps to start the new week,have a great week ahead.                                                                     Be not caught by the cunning of those who appear in a disguise.

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