@pengantin.indo take a look at the bride…no doubt she is all sweet and happy.

Angelic… White bride and groom…classsy.

Adorable….am for you and you are for me.

Am a bride that would leave you speechless.

Let’s take a selfie together… Am so loving our look.

Standing alone hasn’t been a problem for me,you have no idea how Beutiful I feel inside.

I don’t know why he keeps looking at me without saying a word?…am sure by now the answer ain’t far….smiles.

Purple they say is royalty…they call us the purple couples.

Do I look barbie like?am a barlie princess.

Queen of java and princess Europe.

Its really romantic when you decide to go colour same, am loving him and his loving me.

Simple elegance rustic theme….Beutiful.

Hold me tight til the end of time.

We are in love.

Romance is created by the feeling that you are genuinely cared for.

Flawless couple.

So much strength in togetherness.

Fairytale butterfly wedding dress.

My dress is a fashion statement…
It only comes natural and then he just have to keep lookin….
Its a red wedding dress…and am so loving it.
I represent my own…and we are so proud of our own.
All we want is that you are inspired.
That’s our style…show me yours.
Modern Javanese outfit.
Hey honey…hello…I can’t wait for you to see me in this dress.
We like it simple.
I don’t know about you,but for me…I love drama.
Am In my own wonderland…..
Beutiful Sumatra wedding…
Every bride loves a groom in a uniform….and his all mine.
With a dress like this…. I know I can fly.
Becoming Mr&Mrs Is a Akbar.
Baby I can’t believe that we are finally one and same,its a dream come true for me…who likes this?
What I love about him is his ability to always make me feel so queeny…

Am no lie,am real…and yes its my day….
We are in the awe of this magnificent dress.
Accept all the advantages and together we will over come our shortcomings….Am sure u know this,even if you don’t admit it,you just can’t deny the attraction of fashion….@pengantin.indo

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