A strong desire,a longing, yearning to achieve.

As we grow older,we become wiser,we see more,we hear more, and our thoughts and actions are more coordinated towards a goal.

Our energy is channelled into attaining certain heights, hence we are less talkative and we tend to listen more.

We gain experience as we transcend through life, the experience does not necessarily have to be ours alone,it can be from other people.

Most times, the experiences of others resonates with us and helps us find a balance as we realise that we are not alone in times of difficulty. 

We realise that people face same tough situations or even more dicey, still they find a way to reach their target goal.

They say that longevity heralds discovery, we discover new ideas,we discover people, but most of all,we discover ourselves.

“They also say that discovery is not just for the sake of discovering alone,it is for the sake of human survival”.

The incessant hankering to reach a milestone,I must say it is such an herculean task to hang on to aspirations,to remain focused,especially when it all seems to elude us. For a fact, Life itself is filled with challenges at every stage we find ourselves, these challenges persist as we try to stay focused and hit our respective goals and targets.

In reaching our set goals, objectives, you can also call them Aspirations, we require certain key ingredients to navigate these challenges.Having the GROWTH MINDSET,which is not quitting no matter the falls you suffer, just believing that at some point and at a certain time which we don’t know,that goal, that dream will manifest,it will come to light and possibly we’ll achieve beyond our expectations. 

Also very vital is having a positive outlook to life, you only attract what you harbour inside of you popularly called the secret law of attraction.It is vital to see possibility and not impossible no matter the stress or challenges one is facing in life as with this way of thinking doors will open from where you least expect  and the challenges will just wither.

We need to have that zest for success no matter what, and to have full conviction and grasp of such zest,we must get rid of all inner saboteurs and external negative factors that holds us back.

– Bear in mind that age is just a number and does not hinder us from succeeding. 

The fact that your peers are way ahead right now does not translate to you being a failure rather with time, persistence, focus and a positive mindset you will also achieve same feat and even surpass them; Examples are abound all around us with particular reference to Sports, Roger Federer is a tennis legend but he had a major title drought some few years back and people concluded he was done winning grand slams!He still loved the sport and had the passion in him and thus he went on a mission to revive his game as he knows he still wants to play active tennis and win more Majors.He has shut his critics up by winning 3 grand slams titles within 24 months! That’s what you call grits, hardwork, focus and determination.

It is also key to realize that everything will happen at its appropriate time,and not a moment sooner or a moment later, but at its stipulated time.#pre-ordainment#.

Now that is a true recipe for everlasting success.

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