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A Mother’s Instincts.

If you have every watched an animal give birth you have no doubt witnessed the amazing matronly experience of a mothers instinct at work. A dog will give birth to numerous pups and will somehow understand at a deep level that one is unwell. They will push it to the side and almost hide it from the others in the event that it is sick. As they protect the well puppies they somehow draw on a deep sense of knowing that the one is not going to live. It is painful to watch them leave it in the embryonic sac and even human intervention can not force them to nurture it. As heart breaking as it is to watch, it is innate proof that a mothers instinct exists for all creatures on Earth.

For humans the unique and individualized mother’s instinct is often a force to reckon with. When a woman becomes a mother she somehow taps into a psychic and connected power to understand the intricate details of another human. In a society so advanced the instinctive qualities of a mother are still often overlooked or thought of as excessive worry or paranoia. Imagine bringing your baby in to the doctor. No fever, no wounds, no illness that can be diagnosed. But as a mother, you just know that something is wrong. It might be written off as colic or some other infant problem – yet still at night you lie awake with a nagging sense that something is just not right. Usually and eventually you find out you are right.

Try as modern medicine or science does to explain the phenomena of instinct there are no words or definitions that can nail it down. It is just something, much like the silence that comes with snow, that exists above and beyond all else. Millions of mothers from all levels of education and walks of life can be in one place and somehow feel the pain or suffering of their child. It is evident when you lay eyes on your child many hours before the fever comes and know that they are sick. Take them to the doctor and you will be sent home until the symptoms surface. But you know already. As mothers gain experience raising children they become even more adept at figuring out what ails their children or what makes them happy than any other person; including the child.

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